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AD Sense

Security Deposit - Refund

Your Security Deposit is refundable under the following conditions:

1. If you have stayed here at least three months.
2. If you inform us in writing at least one month in advance of next payment date. (Eg. If you want to leave on March 10th and inform us on February 9th, you will get the SD, but would have to pay for the month of March with a discount of Rs. 500 for 20 days' absence)
3. If there are no dues outstanding
4. If there are no damages nor any pending fines
5. If you have taken all your stuff and cleared all the trash from your room
6. If you returned your room key (if any)
7. If you have also returned the receipt you received when you first paid this amount.
8. The mattress and pillow supplied to you and the furniture should be in good condition.