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a. mostly 2/3 sharing rooms
b. Each room has a cot and mattress, pillow, table and chair and a cloth hanger stand
c. 2-sharing rooms have also a cupboard


a. 2 washing machines
b. Drying lines on the terrace
c. 4 ironing locations with irons
c. Drinking water drums

3. WIFI/Internet 
a. 8 routers on three floors
b. Bhavin Joy (2F Room LS Front) is coordinating the ACT HI-Speed WIFI service and router control.
c. . Each router serves 9-10 persons.
d. You may approach him for activating your MAC address.
e. No one, I mean no one else should meddle with the routers or switches or connections.
f. If you have any complaints, direct them to him or to me.
g. Huge downloads cause the system to slow down.


a. Newspapers and magazines
b. TV
c. Place for group study
d. allowed to watch occasionally important matches and events even late night with prior permission.


a. Many boys play daily shuttle cock
b. On Saturdays and Sundays, they play basket ball and football.