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AD Sense


We would appreciate it if you keep the following guidelines in order to help us run the hostel in an atmosphere of safety, tranquility and respect for the others:

A. Requests and Expectations:
First of all, we all value our “space”. Kindly respect that space by ensuring noise free ambience in and around the house. I won’t trouble you unnecessarily unless you trouble others. 
1) Doors:
Please close doors gently, i.e., turning the door handle and shutting the doors as quietly as possible in deference to and concern for others. No banging please. When you keep the door open, put the door stopper down. Support the toilet main door with hands so that it wouldn’t bang.

2) Sound Level in the Building:
In the same way, please avoid playing loud music or whistling or carrying on with loud conversations in the house. Also, kindly restrict the use of your cell phone to your rooms (if private) or to the terrace or at the BB Court or at the stone benches outside. Not under the tree or near the shed. In any case, total silence from 9:30 pm to 7:30 am should be observed. However, you may have conversations, if really needed, on the terrace. But no parties or gatherings of people in the rooms or terrace. When you come back from college/work or meals, as you approach the hostel, lower your sound level.

3) Lights, Fans & Taps:
Please switch off lights, fans and geysers when not in use or as you leave the rooms/toilets. When you go to bed, make sure all lights on the corridors/rooms are switched off. Turn off taps and save water. The cost of electricity and water for us has been recently revised on a commercial basis by the BBMP. India is acutely short of these essential utilities. 
The staircase lights have two switches one on top and the other down at the next floor. Use it at night to turn on and off as you go up or down the staircase.

4) Library:
 Make sure that newspapers and magazines are returned to the respective locations after use. As a respect for others and as a gentleman, keep your feet off the chairs, place chairs and cushions neatly before you leave. If you are the last person leaving the library or GF at night, please lock the library door, check that the front door is fully shut, turn off all lights along the
way: outside, corridor, staircase, etc. You may write down the details if you would to borrow a book from the library. Thanks.

5) Smoking or drinking
is not permitted inside this campus. If found using this, it will be considered a serious offence against your staying here.

6) Trash and Garbage:
Throwing anywhere wrappers, cans, bottles, tickets, etc are not at all accepted here. Kindly do not throw stuff out of your window either. You are expected to maintain and clean your room. Remember: your room is not a dump yard! Remember: all trash must be thrown into the blue bins (not on the top of the lid!) kept outside by the shed or by the BB Court or at the gate and not in the toilets or elsewhere on the floor. Nothing should be dropped on the staircase/corridors/toilet/entrances. There will be a leader for each month to monitor it. 

7) Toilets:
This is a common place. Nothing should be left on the wash basins or counters. All soap wrappers, empty tooth paste tubes, etc must be thrown in the bin and not on the floor or on the basins or counters. Bathing rooms are not urinals. It’s not a dump yard for leftover food and other trash. Remember they emit stench and attract rats /mice /cockroaches as well. Such things should go to the blue drums kept at different locations outside.

8) Guests;
 If you need to meet guests, please use the park benches provided outside or at the entrance. Guests are not to be invited inside or around the house. They must leave latest by 7:00 pm. Groups of youngsters gathering here as in a club or park will lead to other issues and so are not at all encouraged. DO NOT INVITE a group to this campus.

9) Terrace:
You may use it for drying clothes, group study and conversations. But not for smoking or drinking! Whenever you use the terrace, make sure the terrace door is “really bolted” and secure before you leave.

10) Changes:
No electrical wiring or additions should be done without permission. No furniture or equipment should be moved out of its original location without permission.

11) Cooking;
No cooking is allowed in the rooms. However, food may be brought from outside. All packing and leftover stuff must be disposed of at the blue bins kept outside. It is dangerous and illegal to have gas cylinders or any cooking devices in the house. Use of any electrical equipment other than laptops and chargers will be charged extra (at Rs. 250 per month).