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-New comers, read instructions

Washing Machines

There are two of them at the GF entrance.

1.You need to sign the details in the book kept opposite to the office before you turn on the machine.
2. You must specify which machine and if you use a second time immediately. Otherwise, it could be construed as an illegal/dishonest use.
3. It is Rs. 50 per use and you pay at the inning of the next month.
4. Your need to use your own detergents
5. Maximum 6 KG load. You need to watch it when you use jeans and bed-sheets. Otherwise the machine will spin out of control.
6.You must follow the 3 button rule for use (power-program-start). Or you will be charged twice.
7. The clothes should be taken out as soon the cycle is complete as others need to use it.
8. You can use the machine only between 7:00 am and 9:00 pm.
9. Make sure to switch off and cover the machine