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-New comers, read instructions

AD Sense

Parking of Motorcycles:

We have a small shed with very limited space for parking.

1. You need prior permission before you can bring in any vehicle to this campus.
2. You may be allotted a space if available. This does not come automatically with your accommodation.
3. A written application with your vehicle number (for motor vehicles) and your license should be submitted along with the request before you can even bring in the vehicle to the campus.
4. No other substitute vehicle can be parked in the premises as we cannot identify the ownership.
5. Short term guests may park their vehicles at the side of the BB court provided it is not after 7:00 pm.

6. You must follow the parking rules at the garage:

a. Vehicles should be parked on the central stand and not on the side stand to allow more room for others
b. Keep it unlocked (those parked in front) so that others can manoeuvre it if it blocks their passage
c. Pick up and drop off only at the road in front of the hostel. Pillion driver should not accompany the main driver to the shed.
d. No phone calls or conversation allowed near the shed.
e. Put off light in the shed at night if you use it or see it on.

Thanks for your cooperation