Accommodation for two persons is available right now.
If you need a room, complete formalities immediately.

Vacation Fees Discount

During Vacations / Holidays

Rs. 750 may be deducted from your payment for 30 days of absence.
Your absence must be notified by SMS/WhatsApp in advance: departure and arrival dates before you leave
15 Days: 375
20 Days: 500
10 days minimum required to get the benefit of Rs. 25 per day discount for your absence.

Security Deposit - Refund

Your Security Deposit is refundable under the following conditions:

1. If you have stayed here at least three months.
2. If you inform us in writing at least one month in advance of next payment date. (Eg. If you want to leave on March 10th and inform us on February 9th, you will get the SD, but would have to pay for the month of March with a discount of Rs. 500 for 20 days' absence)
3. If there are no dues outstanding
4. If there are no damages nor any pending fines
4. If you have taken all your stuff and cleared all the trash from your room
5. If you returned your room key (if any)
6. If you have also returned the receipt you received when you first paid this amount.

Direction to Reach HCSH Hostel

1. If you come by trains from the south that pass through Cantonment Railway Station get down at this station. Outside on the left side there is a police chowki for paid autos.
Pay Rs. 1 and say, "Museum Road" (Not Museum which is in another street). It's about 70 Rs. Meter is about 45 Rs.

Table Tennis

Table Tennis is available in the upstairs hall of the annexe building. The key to the hall, bats, ball and net are kept at the entrance behind the front door.

Please follow these rules while using this facility:

1. Close all the windows before leaving the hall
2. Lock the door and keep the key at the nail behind the front door
3. On Fridays or Saturdays before noon, dismantle the tables keep them on the sides
4. Bring back the bats, ball, and the net
5. No outsiders are allowed to come in or play there.
6. Report any breakages.

Enjoy the Game!

Night Curfew or Absence

1. All students must be back here by 10:30 pm latest. 
2. Some of the working members have been granted exemptions because of their work shifts.
3. In case of an accident or emergency in your case, I need to know your whereabouts.
4. Please inform me when you are away overnight:
      a. Leave a piece of paper with the details in the letter box outside my room  or slip it under my door
      b. or send an SMS)
      c. Use HC Hostel WhatsApp to inform me.